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Sourcing the funkiest, nastiest, meanest natural wine out there and bringing it to your table on a monthly basis.


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What’s so great about it?

We go crazy for natural wine. But what really keeps us up at night are the niche, wild bottles. The outrageous stuff that makes you go ‘wow!’ and defies your expectations. You know exactly what we mean. We’ve tried hundreds of cracking bottles and will focus on the quirky, offbeat ones from small producers. We’re talking hand-picked, foot-crushed, bona fide juice. The real McCoy. Some of these wines may not even be available elsewhere in The Netherlands.

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natural wine

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What the heck is natural wine?

In a perfect world? Fermented grape juice and nothing else ffs!

Realistically, we’re talking low/no-intervention wine made from grapes that have only interacted with native yeasts, aka whatever’s buzzing in the air around the vineyard. The daring winemakers we source from don’t like adding sulfites to their wine, and sometimes only sprinkle a tiny amount at bottling if absolutely necessary. That’s far from mass market producers who use up to 10 times as much throughout the whole process, killing those dearly beloved yeasts.

While typically unfiltered and unrefined, natural wine isn’t always weird and funky. Though perfectly fine, that’s not the stuff we’re after. No, sir. We want the weird ones out there, the parias, the outcasts!

You too? Then have a seat, we’ll pour you a glass...

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